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The Ballad of Speckles

Howdy, everyone. It's Sebastian. Today's post is an informative one. It isn't about the baby chicks, for they have no news to behold. It's not about another one of Daisy's shenanigans, either. No, today's post is about Speckles. If any of you reading this post haven't read about Speckles' post yet, click here. As for today's news, we will begin on that now. Speckles was a very good chicken, as you know. She was brought to live inside the house by my Mom. Speckles was always the smaller hen, being littler than all of her other sibs. But before she was attacked, she wasn't very friendly. After the Daisy incident, Speckles became Mom's favorite chicken, and, as I saw it, they became the best friends in the whole universe. Speckles became very friendly at this time. Mom and Speckles got very close. Every time Mom would come to doctor Speckles, she would just sit down and hold as still as she possibly could. The night of the attack, I prayed to …

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