Brrrr, It's Cold!

I am no stranger to cold, frigid weather....I lived in Michigan for almost 3 years and Virginia my entire life! After experiencing the cold in Michigan, -20 below temperatures sometimes...I decided I did NOT want to live anywhere again where we got 6 feet of snow!:) We generally don't get much snow in Tennessee where I live and that is just fine by me!:) We did have some snow overnight but mostly ice...everything under the layer of snow is ice. We had freezing rain for several hours yesterday but overall it wasn't as bad as predicted.
My daughter and I went outside this morning to feed our chickens(who actually sleep in dog crates in the house when it is too cold, which is what  they did last night!). Needless to say we bundled up! The chickens however had other thoughts in mind.They mostly just wanted to stay in their coop or under the shed. I can't say that I blame them....walking around outside was quiet dangerous as the ice was quite slick. The gates to our backyard are frozen shut and the tree branches are weighed down with ice and snow! We didn't stay out very long! Kiri was ready to come back in to warm up and have some tea! If you are anywhere where it is cold, please do keep warm!:)

Some of our chickens!

Frozen trees!

Warming up with some blueberry tea!