Sebastian and Speckles
We started out with 6 Golden Comet hens. We absolutely fell in love with them and they are our pets and part of our family too! We lost Twinkle, one of our girls last month to a neighborhood husky. We were incredibly upset about it and tried to do the best that we could to protect the remaining 5 hens. We fixed the back yard so that they couldn't get out anymore and thought that things were okay. However, we greatly underestimated our own dogs. Two days ago, one of our own dogs attacked Speckles, the smallest of the bunch. We went to put the girls up and couldn't find her. We looked under the back deck and she wouldn't move or respond when I said her name....I immediately knew something was wrong. The deck only has about 6-7 inches of clearance but I knew I had to get her and bring her in and assess her injuries because it was only going to be in the 30s that night. I army crawled underneath the deck and burst into tears when I saw her. She had gashes on her side that I could see and she was in shock. I cradled her as best I could and pulled her out from under the deck. I brought her in and cleaned her wounds off and did the best that I could to dress them. She was badly injured around her tail feathers as well, missing A LOT of feathers under her left wing and tail and had several deep gashes and puncture wounds. What was most important was to hold her and calm her down because she was in shock and even though chickens are very resilient and can survive some pretty serious injuries, they can most definitely die of shock. She just wanted me to hold her and pet her on the head and let her know that she was okay....I wasn't so sure that she WAS okay and I didn't think she would make it through the night. I put her in a basket with some blankets and pine shavings in our room, yes, in our room:) where I could keep an eye on her and give her water as needed to keep her hydrated. My oldest son Sebastian(in the photo above with Speckles) was absolutely devastated, he asked me if it was okay for him to pray for her and I said absolutely. He didn't pray for her to be healed....Sebastian simply prayed that God's will would work itself out in the situation. Oh, if we as adults could pray that in our lives everyday, every week,every year...no matter what. I believe that God loves His creation just as much as we do. God wants that we rely fully on Him, and trust Him no matter what the circumstance...in EVERY circumstance..I too prayed for Speckles and took a cue from my son! Simply God's will!!!! There is a verse in Psalms that says: The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works [the entirety of things created]. Psalm 145:9 Even little chickens!:) By now you must be wondering, "Did she make it through the night?" The answer is an emphatic YES, YES, YES!:) I don't believe that she is out of the woods yet. She is going to have a long recovery. Her injuries were quite severe. BUT.....Nevertheless, there is GOD!

Speckles trying to rest after a meal of tuna fish and a special blend of baby oat cereal, milk, water and fish oil. She has also been eating plain yogurt. A lot of people don't realize that chickens LOVE plain yogurt, fish(salmon, tuna and sardines) and meal worms, well fish worms too and Speckles personal favorite, snails!:) She really likes being petted right now cause it helps calm her!


  1. I found and read this post on the recommendation of your son, Sebastian. His wonderful read is heartrending, and I wanted to know all about this amazing hen. Between Sebastian's description of her personality and all the lovely photos, I feel as if I know her. I most especially love the photo of Speckles napping with Sebastian's cheek under her chin (and beak?), and the one in which she is not too vain to eschew her spectacles when posing for her photo portrait. :») Please give my compliments and thanks to Sebastian for telling Speckles' story. I am quite confident that she knows all about it in heaven, and is accepting the congratulations of all the other chickens for having such an excellent boy. Thank you.


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