Well, That Didn't Work Out As Well As I Thought It Would!

Have you ever had one of those ideas that seemed so perfect at the time, almost like it couldn't possibly fail? Well, I did and I am not one to give up easily but it appears that I must admit, at least partial defeat! 

So it seems my foray into having my own website, hasn't exactly worked all that well. I realize that it takes time to start from scratch but the whole point was for me to save some money instead of having to pay Etsy fees cause they tend to get substantial after a while! Soooo, I guess I will be moving all my items back to Etsy for a while and maybe, just maybe, eventually, at some point in the future....hopefully sooner rather than much later, I can try to have my own website again.:) I do like blogging though so perhaps, I will try to keep that up!:)  www.sweetbirchdesigns.net, will probably be just a blog from now on and used to do new bead previews, giveaways and coupon codes! So please come back to visit!:) I will keep ya posted!:)