Monday, May 18, 2015

I LOVE Watermelon!

So our temps have quickly gotten hot and humid and we have regularly been in the 80's lately! So the watermelons have been rolling in at the store and are finally within a reasonable price range, so we decided to get some! Our first watermelons of the season! Sooooo, since I LOVE watermelon so very much( well really my WHOLE family!), I decided to make some watermelon beads! I have wanted to make watermelon beads for a loooooonnnnngggg time but it was one of those ideas that I wasn't sure about how to execute it for my own personal preference and so it got put on my polymer "to do" list for the last year! I finally figured it out how I wanted to create them and it was in the EXACT shape that my kids love to have their watermelon slices cut! So introducing:

My New Folk Art Watermelon Slice Beads!

They will be up soon for purchase on Etsy!

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Beads in Progress

I am working on getting a huge batch of new beads finished over the next 2 weeks. Things have been a bit crazy here lately with 12 new baby chicks, taking care of an injured chicken, garden planting and all of the other normal daily activities too....soooo I haven't had as much time for beads since I usually stay up late or get up extra early and have just been way too tired! But here is a small sampling of some new things and repeats that I am working on: some folk art mouse beads, new folk art foxes, some more houses, cats and a requests for guinea pigs and lots more goodies that aren't listed! If you ever have any requests or suggestions, please do let me know!:)