My Broken Toe and a New Haircut!

Soooo I broke my toe last Monday! How you may ask? Welllll, we have a really, really, really, really old Jack Russell Terrier named Sid, I mean he is probably ancient in human years and dog years. We estimate at least 15 because he was a stray and we don't know for sure his age. My husband and I found him, or should I say, he found us, when we first started dating and we have been together for 13 years. He knocked on my husband's apartment door looking for a home. So he gave him one!:) 
Anyhoo, back to the toe! So he is really old and can't see or hear very well at all anymore! If you walk too close to him, he will go into attack mode and bite immediately and ask questions later. Sooo I was walking through the kitchen the other day and got to close to him and he immediately went after my Croc shielded foot. He missed the first time but attacked a second time and this time he succeeded in biting and holding on to the back of my Croc. I jerked my foot away from him and succeeded in drop kicking the metal bar on the back of our huge Chicco stroller. It was literally a square shot on my toe and foot. Note the lovely bruising in the photos below. I held ice on it and thought it was fine until I got up to walk. Can you say OUCH!? By the time my husband got home from work, urgent care was closed. So I went first thing Tuesday morning. They did an x-ray and said I had an avulsion fracture! It should heal in 3-6 weeks, although I am hoping sooner rather than later!:)

Notice the lovely shading of greens in the bruising? They match the background nicely!:)

Annnd in better news.... I also got a hair cut! It has been soooo hot this year and my hair was down to the middle of my back! I have kept it long for over 5 years and just didn't want to put up with a big wad of hair in this heat! Our temps have easily been in the 100s+ lately with the heat index values! So far it has proved to be MUCH cooler without the excess hair!:)