Our Chicken Flock

There is no doubt that I LOVE chickens! What started out as my husband and I getting our kids 6 chickens has turned into a full out LOVE of chickens on my part. I had chickens when I was a kid but not like this. We got a total of 16 new baby chicks this Spring(in April and May) for my "kids"...hehehe...which brings our grand total to 21. We have 21 chicken pets!:) Here is our flock and their names:
5 Golden Comet Hens: Bellina, Mimi, Beaky, Spice and Speckles(my personal favorite!)
3 Silver Laced Wyandotte Hens: Maybelle, June and Clementine
1 Silver Sebright Bantam Rooster: Sunny
1 Mille Fleur d'Uccle rooster: Hazel aka Hazelnut aka Buttercheeks
2 Silkies a Roo and Hen: Bai and Lin
3 Black Australorp Hens: Lilia, Petunia and Celia
3 Barred Rock Hens and One Rooster: Clover, Boppy, Violet and Emery
2 Dark Brahma Hens: Thisbe and Nanette

Here are some pics:
Speckles(who has recovered quite nicely from her dog attack! She has just has a small limp now!) Her former flock mates, the Golden Comets, wouldn't accept her anymore after she got hurt, so she has taken up with the Wyandottes and Sunny the rooster.

Bai running across the yard! Too cute!

Sunny in one of his proud moments!

Thisbe(front) and Nanette who are becoming harder to tell apart!

Speckles relaxing today! It is HOT!


Mimi keeping cool in a hole next to the barn!

Remember to do your stretches! Beaky does her stretches every day!

Hazel the Belgian Bearded d'Uccle, Mille Fleur Variety! Shy but very friendly!:) Likes to be held and falls asleep in your arms!

Lin scratching for.....something!

Thisbe again! Look at that beautiful leg feathering!

Hey, we are trying to take a bath here!:)
Clover, Emery, Petunia and company, enjoying a dust bathe in the cool dirt!