Feeling Like Fall!

Lately I have had that fall feeling bug! I get it every year maybe because I LOVE fall so much....I am a fall baby and I have heard it said that you tend to like the season that you are born in.....and at least in my case, that is totally true. I have been trying to get caught up on new beads in between custom orders but have found it kinda difficult, so I have just been finishing small batches at a time and posting them when I can find the time. It has been a crazy summer and one of the hottest annnnd wouldn't you know it, our heat pump decided to take a nose dive for the whole thing!(WHY it hasn't been fixed is a WHOLE other story, but let's just say that it wasn't for lack of contacting our HVAC installer REPEATEDLY and PERSISTENTLY over the course of 2 months annnnd that eventually led to having to completely change companies! Has anyone else had this problem?) The other company has been very helpful so far and is in the process of trying to fix it and hopefully soon!:) It hasn't worked in over 2 months, so we have been using high powered fans to try to stay cool and playing in the sprinkler at will!:) Thankfully it has been cooling off substantially the last few nights! Soooo I hopefully will have some more new beads up soon and am working on some new things for fall as well....I just put up some new fall inspired bobbins, a few folk beads and some pressed flower pendants! More soon to follow! Here are some pictures for inspiration!:)

Our sunflowers this year! Most of them were planted by the squirrels and finches from last years sunflowers!:)

Our Pixie Crunch Apple Tree

Sumac is such a beautiful, rustic red!


Annnd of course a chicken pic!:) This is our beautiful Barred Rock Rooster named Emory!:)