I've Caught the Wool and Knitting Bug! PLUS A Coupon Code!

Well, it seems that my fun with wool batting over the last few weeks has led me to knitting....don't know EXACTLY how that worked but nevertheless that is where I am currently! I suppose it was falling in love with wool fiber!:) I bought some wool batting to make felted wool acorns...I have been wanting to try it FOREVER! I thought you had to have all these tools and it turns out all I ever needed to make the acorns was my own two hands, dish soap and hot water! WHO KNEW!? Sooo I bought some wool batting from Beth of CurlyFurr on Etsy who was EXTREMELY helpful and answered all the questions I had about wool!:) Thanks Beth!:) Check out her shop here with LOTS of gorgeous wool in EXCEEDINGLY GORGEOUS AND VIBRANT COLORS(Yes, I am yelling cause I am so excited):


My wool arrived quickly and I got to work! My jaw dropped open at the gorgeous colors in the wool. There are literally COLORS WITHIN COLORS! LOVE! They are SOOOOO MUCH FUN to make! It took a few tries to get the hang of it and when I finally did, THE RESULT:  Lots of acorns in GORGEOUS fall colors for your jewelry creations! You can see some of the new felted acorns up in the shop right now, along with some pumpkins and a leaf too! Here are some pictures!

So that brings me to the knitting! I finally took up knitting in addition to all of the other interests that I have acquired...they are definitely starting to build up and I have found that I have to rotate each one or I get bored! Polymer clay, jewelry, metalwork, wool felting, knitting...not necessarily in that order! Really....it flows as inspiration strikes...and I never really know where it will strike next...so I just go with the flow! Here is my first knitted project finished...a simple winter headband for my Mom! She is my first test subject!:)

The project was by Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts...she has lots of helpful videos on YouTube and here is the link to her fabulous yarn! YUM!

Check out her shop for lots of gorgeous wool yarn! 
Gotta hurry up and get better at knitting!:) 
May you have much luck with whatever NEW hobby you begin!

Oh, use coupon code WOOLBUG3 to get 15% off your minimum purchase of $20.00! Well, what are you waiting for?;)