A Cobbled Cowl for a Friend!

So I have been knitting now for about a month! I have finished 2 cowls now and probably could have done more BUT I didn't knit every single day! I finally got the hang of how to hold your yarn with continental knitting so I have literally shaved 3 minutes off my knitting time....I have a tendency to kind of zone out with knitting anyway but it felt like it was taking forever before so I hope I can get much faster but still be efficient! So the first cowl was for my husband BUT I made a mistake for the entire cowl and thus it ended up a little wonky, which is why that one didn't get a debut!Hehe! I guess my only consolation was that I at least made the same mistake the entire cowl!:) So after that I was determined to make another one and do it right this time! My friend Mary Cullinan of Jubilee on Etsy lives in a very cold climate SO I thought I would knit her a cowl to keep her snuggly in the winter!:)(Please check out her shop and blog if you get a chance, there are links to the right! Just click and away you go! Really, she makes AWESOME ceramic and raku beads and little houses that I LOVE!) So here is my first official, non-messed up cowl! I used MadelineTosh Vintage in the firewood colorway and it is very, very pretty. It reminds me more of the woods than it does firewood but I get the name! The pattern was by Annie Riley called Cobbled Cowl and she has some fantastic patterns if you knit! Here is a link to her website: http://www.somethingaboutyarn.com 
She does yarn too! How fantastic is that?!?! I hope to get my hands on some of her yarn soon!:)Thanks for a fantastic pattern Annie! I will definitely be using some more in the future!

So I hope you like it Mary and I hope it keeps ya warm with all that snow!:)


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