Cardamom Coffee

I absolutely LOVE cardamom coffee! Cardamom is one of those spices that always reminds me of fall and it is such a warming and comforting spice. My husband introduced me to cardamom years ago when we first met and thus I fell in love with both. I have used it in breads, dishes and coffee. It can be bought on Amazon or if you live in a bigger city at some local stores. When we lived in Michigan my husband would by it at the Indian markets(also curry)! Now since we don't live in a larger city we have to settle for purchasing it online and sometimes it can be a bit pricey! I always try to wait until the price seems more reasonable...but keep in mind that one 1 lb bag can last for months, especially if you are just using a pinch here and there for your coffee. It is quite a strong spice so how much you use will completely depend on your personal preference. I generally open 4-5 pods and grind it using our spice grinder(but if you don't have one then you can do a quick chop with a knife to break up the pieces) and use 1-2 pinches depending on my mood and then still have some left over for the next day! My husband purchased a milk frother on Amazon as a warehouse deal and I was incredibly skeptical at first and didn't think I would EVER use it to froth milk...Why would I NEED to froth milk for my coffee? That's what creamer is for, right? Well after seeing my husband use it and the layers of frothy goodness that he produced, I of course had to try it myself! I failed miserable the first few times and nearly fell into milk froth despair! However, I have to say I so LOVE the milk frother now and have been able to achieve upwards of 4.5 inches of froth on one very large mug of coffee...yes, I am a milk frother overachiever!:) If you don't have a milk frother, then regular plain old heavy whipping cream or half-half will work just just don't want any extra flavors interfering with the cardamom, although cardamom does play nicely with vanilla! So that being said, let's get to the recipe!

Here is my recipe for a refreshing and warming cup of cardamom coffee!

Cardamom Coffee
Your favorite mug
Instant coffee: I like Nescafe Clasico or you can use your regular coffee
3-5 Cardamom pods
A spice grinder or a knife to chop the cardamom once it is removed from the pod
Sweetener of your choice: I use stevia and a little brown sugar
Milk, Cream or Half-Half
Milk frother, Optional

Open your cardamom pods and remove the seeds from inside(be careful cause they like to jump), grind the pods or coarsely chop them.
Place a pinch or two of the ground cardamom into your cup.(If this is your very first time trying cardamom go on the lighter side with adding the spice! You don't want to overwhelm yourself!)
Add 1 tsp(or two) of instant coffee to your mug.
Add your sweetener.

Then add your hot water(depends on the size of your cup and your particular directions) and stir gently. I usually do 1 tsp for 6 oz of water and 2 tsp for 12 oz and a larger mug!
I usually froth my milk while the Keurig is doing it's thing with the hot water!
So then add your frothed milk, cream or half-half.
Sometimes I like to put a tiny pinch of cardamom or light brown sugar on top of the froth but it is completely up to you!

Cardamom after it has been ground in the spice grinder!

A finished cup of cardamom coffee and the cardamom pods!

Enjoying a cup of coffee!