Daisy Dog: A Warning

Yesterday morning dawned as any other! The day however, turned into a day like no other. I was up early to let the chickens out, let Daisy out and try to get some more nesting boxes made for the chickens. Daisy wanted to come back inside while I was fixing the nesting boxes in the backyard. I was out for about 30 minutes when I realized that I had forgotten something inside that I needed, so I went back inside the house. Daisy peeked around the corner of the counter and I automatically knew she was up to something aka getting into the trash. I caught her before she got too far with it and took the moldy cream cheese away from her. She had taken the paper wrapper as well. I was doing some spot cleaning in the fridge the night before and had thrown away some old moldy cream cheese. Well I don't know if your dog is like Daisy but she LOVES anything icky: chicken poop, anything from the trashcan or a trash bag, she likes to drink out of the toilet! Never in a million years did I think I would have  dog that relished toilet water as their dog bowl! EWWW! So needless to say, we have to keep the lids down, etc. Well back to task! So about 45 minutes to an hour go by and by now the whole household is up for the day. I am still trying to get the nesting boxes finished and my husband is fixing breakfast for the kids. He lets Daisy out again and yells to me in the barn, "Daisy is acting weird! She is trembling all over. I observe her in the yard and she is indeed trembling all over and is having a hard time walking. He lets her back in and I follow back inside. I have a feeling and tell him that I am quite sure it is because she ate the moldy cream cheese. Within a few moments, she begins to have tremors, seizures, panting violently and can't stand up. Please believe me if you have a pet that this is NOT something you ever, ever want to see( nor would you want to encounter this with a human either.) It is a horrible thing for your pet or anyone to go through. She was so scared and so were we...our kids were unsure of what was happening. We knew that the only thing we could do was get her to the vet. We called the vet to let them know we were coming and we were on our way.  I got her to the vets office and they immediately took her back and started trying to help her. I was already crying and was having a hard time keeping it together....it was one of those crying things where if anyone talks to you, you automatically burst into tears again. It took about 20 minutes and finally they got her stable (I was finally stable as well!:)and I was able to go back to a room to talk to the vet. Daisy had mycotoxicosis, It is where a pet or human ingests moldy food(remember that moldy cream cheese?) and the toxins(called mycotoxins) produced by the mold cause a vast range of problems. In Daisy's case some symptoms were tremors, seizures and excessive panting. If untreated it can cause death. They gave her medication to lessen the degree of the seizures but she was still having some severe tremors when I got to see her. Of course I started crying again and I petted her and loved on her. She tried to lick me and then she put her nose under my chin....so like a dog to try to comfort you when they are hurting too!:) I told her she was going to be okay and that she had to stay there for a few days so she could get better. I called yesterday evening to check on her and she was doing much better but still having the tremors. She had thrown up 2 times, which was a good thing and had tried to get up and walk around but was mostly sleeping a lot. They have to wait until the mycotoxins are out of her system and it usually takes anywhere from 24-72 hours and in some cases much longer....it really depends on how much of the moldy food was consumed and how her body handles the toxin.

I wrote this in hopes that it will help people to be more aware of the dangers surrounding moldy food, so it won't happen to your pet or worse a child or family member. Like I said earlier, our Daisy dog absolutely is one of those dogs that LOVES icky things...the more gross the better and I just did not realize how dangerous moldy foods can be to our pets or ourselves until yesterday. This type of poisoning by mycotoxins is almost always accidental, think a pet eating moldy cream cheese or a child getting in the refrigerator and accidentally eating something moldy. I am probably not alone in saying that I myself have accidentally eaten moldy foods before...bread and cheese! So it CAN happen. So just remember if you have a dog like Daisy that finds ANY way possible to get into the garbage(or small children that don't have that sense of danger), remember to remove any moldy food contents or bags containing moldy food from your house as soon as you can. It most definitely can save a life.

My oldest son, Sebastian made this collage cause he misses Daisy! We lovingly refer to her as Daisy Dinkums!