Hiking Margarette Falls in the Cherokee National Forest

Yesterday my parents came down and wanted to go hiking so we could see all of the leaves changing....sooooo that's what we did! We packed a picnic lunch, the baby sling for my daughter and plenty of water and we were off. We hiked a trail called Margarette Falls that lies in the Cherokee National Forest. It was a fairly tough trail, especially considering that it was up a rocky and steep slope most of the way AND considering the fact that I was carrying my 32 lb 2 year old daughter in a front sling the majority of the way, made for one tough hike! She slept in the sling the last 3/4 of the hike up the hill!:)  The trees were absolutely gorgeous with many yellow maples, red maples and lots of sweet birch trees amongst my favorites. There were lots of tiny waterfalls before we got to the major one at the top but each was lovely in it's own right. When we got to the top, needless to say I was exhausted but the view was absolutely gorgeous! There was a nice breeze blowing from the waterfall and it helped to cool things down! It was soooo very much fun and we enjoyed the time we were all able to spend together. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday with my camera....my mom took a lot of pictures too but I will have to get those from her....but for now...here are the ones of our hike! I can't wait until next time!:)
My son Sebastian took these two photos of us on the rock before we started!

The trail before the steep and rocky grade!

At one point my oldest son and I were racing just to have fun! We hadn't gotten to the rocky uphill part yet!

You can tell from the look on my daughter's face that she thought it was GREAT fun! My son took these two pictures while we were racing! Kiri said, "Eat my dust, Brother!"

Margarette Falls!

My boys!

My husband Chad and I and our sleeping baby koala bear, Kiri!:)

Kiri finally woke up after we had come back down the steep, rocky parts and decided to take off!:) She only had to walk for a few hundred feet! Riding in the front pack is apparently the way to go!:)