Fall Splendor

I took these photos the other day of some of the trees, leaves and grasses in our field. I absolutely LOVE fall! I have been playing with different types of filters lately in photography and I really love the ones that give the photos a vintage feel! What do ya think?

A blackberry leaf

From our winged elm tree!

Another blackberry leaf!

 Our crabapple tree! The apples on these trees never get very big and they don't taste like traditional apples. They are sour, bitter, sweet all at once and have a hint of orange citrus flavor. They are definitely unusual and very refreshing. You have to be careful not to eat the seeds though because like all apple seeds they are poisonous! We aren't sure exactly what type of crabapple this is but it is in the Malus family because it is covered with very painful thorns. Anybody have any ideas?

An incredibly tiny maple tree growing in our field!

A beautiful sumac tree!

A thistle flower hanging around still!