Eloise the Eastern Screech Owl Comes Home for Release

I got a call from Lynne McCoy on Tuesday, December 22 saying that the Eastern Screech Owl that we had taken to her was ready to be released.  We found out that our owl was a female and my oldest son Sebastian named her Eloise aka Ellie for short! She was clutching with her foot now and putting weight on it and she was ready to come home. We arranged to go pick her up the following day.

Sebastian and I headed out to go pick her up in the morning and when we got there we met Lynne McCoy and most of her animals that she keeps as teaching animals. These animals were injured severely and were not able to be released back into the wild. We met Little Dude and Beauty(they had been hit by cars), two beautiful barred owls that greeted us with their signature, "who who, who whooo" which sounds a lot like "who cooks for you?" Little Dude decided to be a rascal and flew over our heads out into the room and proceeded to zoom over us before going back into his enclosure. We met several Eastern Screech Owls, some red morphs and gray morphs, who had all been hit by cars and injured. Grumpy and Snarfy, two Great Horned Owls and two Red Tailed Hawks named Jet and Ladyhawk  had all been deliberately shot and injured.
Lynne McCoy has been helping injured animals for over 35+ years. Here is a link to her picture blog where you can see all the animals that she has helped for each year! My son Sebastian took the photos below!

Here are Snarfy and Grumpy(left to right)!

Lil' Dude

 A VERY sleepy Eloise just before her release!

Here is our video of Eloise the Eastern Screech Owl's release!

We released her around 5 pm, just before dark! Eloise was MUCH feistier than when we initially met and clicked at me to let me know she was not going to put up with any such nonsense. We tried just opening the box but she wouldn't fly out, soooo we had to try again and I had to help her out a little. This is round 2. She flew into the woods to safety back where she belongs! The video is grainy so we slowed it down so you could see her fly! Music in the video is from DiscoveryDinosaurs, Super-Cute Video of Dinosaur Babies!