Lin's First Day as a Mama!

We have very impatiently been awaiting the arrival of our Silkie Hen Lin's first brood....although in hindsight it seems to have flown by! She has been brooding in our upstairs storage room in her own quiet dog crate since March 26th!  From the start to end it is generally 21 days, however the baby chicks hatched on day 19, which was yesterday! OH BOY were we excited and so was she! She is such a good little mama! She had a hatch success rate of 100% for her first ever brood and we are so proud of her! Three of the eggs were not hers since Silkies will hatch any egg and it was a mystery as to which chicken they would be until yesterday! Two of the mystery eggs were a Barred Rock/Black Australorp cross(which my oldest son calls Rockstralorps) and one was a full Barred Rock. Two of the eggs were her own and they are Silklas(Silkie X d'Uccles), a Silkie and Mille Fleur d'Uccle cross. For whatever reason, she paired off with our Mille Fleur d'Uccle, Hazel and they are generally inseperable. They are absolutely adorable, both mama and babies! Here are some pics of their handsome daddy and the chicks first day which was yesterday and today!:) Prepare to be blown away by EXTREME CUTENESS!:)

Lin is such a proud mama!
Mr. Handsome himself, Hazel the Mille Fleur d'Uccle

The Happy Little Couple

Foraging together! They are together the majority of the time!

Lin with Sasafrass , a Silkla

Sasafrass, get out of the food!

Ummmm...we're supposed to EAT this stuff?

Lin showing Sasafrass how and what to eat!

Lin with Sasafrass(left) and Maple, a Rockstralorp on the right!

Birch the Barred Rock Chick

From left to right: Sasafrass, Maple and Willow the other Silkla


Sasafrass, you get under here RIGHT now!

Whiskers, the other Rockstralorp curiously peeking out from over mama's wing!

Birch sneaking out from under it's mama's wing!

Birch again!