Baby Chicks Eye View.;)

Hi, everyone! Typing the post before your eyes is....Da-da-da-daaaaaaaa! Sebastian! Jessica's oldest son! Ha ha! Suprised you, didn't I?:) Anyways, I'm here to tell you, the reader of this post, about the baby chicks mentioned by Mom in the last blog post! As you know, the new baby chicks are assorted, which makes this description even MORE exciting! The newbies to the flock are:Juniper,Saffron, and Ginger of the popular breed, the Buff Orpington, Matilda and Delphinia, two truly tiny chicks of the world's LARGEST chicken, the Jersey Giant(I guess mega chickens have small beginnings!), and Opal, Gardenia, and Zinnia the Ameraucana chicks!(Note:We got Ameraucanas because they lay blue eggs!) They are sweet beyond belief!!!! Every time I put my hand in their pen to fill their waterer or their food, they all swarm around my hand, falling over each other to stay on board!! It has even come to times where if me or Mom aren't in distance where they can here our voices, they start to muster this ear-splitting peep until we come to see what the rumpus is about! As if we were their mama(s), on their first outside day, they struggled to take mad dash after us each time we had to move or check on the other chickens! At one point, all of them fell asleep on Mom's lap!:D As you may have expected.....HERE ARE SOME PICS! I Love that motto!!!!! Anyways....

Here is Opal the day we brought them home....SO FLUFFYYYYYYYY!!!!

Here is sweet little Zinnia, also the day we got them, sleeping in Mom's hair!:)

Here is Juniper on their first outing, pecking a blade of grass.
"Look, a beetle....Oh, nevermind!"

I photographed this awesome Green Dasher Dragonfly on the chicks first outing!

Here is Gardenia on their second outing, bashfully hiding behind a leaf!

Here is Saffron!

Here is Zinnia, doing nothing in particular....Except BEING EXTREMELY ADORABLE!!!!!

Here is Juniper again! As you can see, she has grown a lot!

Here's Delphinia stretching in the brooder!

Here is Gardenia and Zinnia!

Right here are the sun's last rays beaming across our neighboring forest of Loblolly Pines!

Which brings me to this..GOOD BYE FOR NOW!
This is Sebastian Counts, signing off!


  1. Your pics of your adorable chicks are awesome!:) The gorgeous nature around them frames them beautifully. I had forgotten just how tiny chicks were; thank you for reminding me. Thank you for raising the more rare breed of chickens.
    A friend from Ravelry.

    1. Thank you so very much! I am glad that you like them!:) You are so very welcome! We do LOVE chickens!:)


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