Wildflower and Wood Shawl Pattern Just Released and Update into What I have been doing the last few months!

Howdy All! Things have been incredibly busy here over the last few months.....some good busy and some not so good. Things were stalled for almost four months because myself and all three of my children had Haemophilus Influenzae or otherwise known as HIB. It is not a regular flu virus and it isn't a virus AT ALL...it is actually a bacterial infection and if left untreated leads to pneumonia and meningitis. I can honestly say that it was absolutely miserable...it started off as a fever that was 103 and from there it just got worse. Myself and my children took multiple rounds of antibiotics and nothing was working...we still had pus oozing out of our tonsils and were still having mild fevers. I lost over 5 pounds because I was just unable to eat from feeling so bad. My mom, who is a nurse had suggested that it was Haemophilus Influenzae. Finally I suggested this to our pediatrician and he tested my 2 boys for it....sure enough, it came back positive. By this time, he had given them Zithromax and they had finally started to feel better....I had to endure one final round of antibiotics and this time they gave me a shot of Rocephin and Bactrim. Our finally tally for antibiotics was 3 rounds each for myself and my two sons. I really feel ALL of this could have been shortened if the doctor's had just checked from the beginning, instead of assuming that we all had a virus...Oh, I forgot to mention we WERE tested for the regular flu and I was tested for Mononucleosis and they were ALL negative. Sometimes I find that dealing with doctors can be frustrating!**sigh**

And next I got flogged in the face by our Alpha rooster Emery. He was out of the backyard with his hens that day and I had a sun hat on because I was still taking the Bactrim from my illness and it makes you extremely sensitive to sunlight. Well he has gotten very aggressive with people and I bent over to pick something up and he took full advantage to run over and flog me....he nearly put my eye out, as it was only about an inch away. He got me over the right eyebrow and on my left cheek with his claws. Luckily is spurs aren't much of a threat right now and luckily for me that I didn't pass our from all of the blood....yes, I have what is called an involuntary vasovagal response, that causes me to get dizzy and pass out at the sight and smell of blood...what's worse is that it doesn't always happen...only sometimes, like when I am trying to clean my 6 year old's cut finger! It is frustrating for sure at times because I cannot control when or IF it happens and really blood in and of itself doesn't bother me..... but I have had it my whole life! So anyhoo, the cut over my eye didn't stop oozing blood until late that evening...I had a headache for sure and was very sore for the next few days. If you have never seen a rooster flog something or someone....they kick with their feet(purpose being trying to put out the objects eyes with their sharp toenails) or spurs and beat the "floggee" with their wings.....no this may not seem all that threatening but I assure you, I heard "drumming" when he hit me and it addled me to the point that it knocked me down. Needless to say, I stay away from him now(no we didn't cull him because he IS a good rooster and the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach!)

However, on to the good news! We finally started to warm up here and we were able to get our garden started! YAY! Then our Silkie Hen Lin hatched her very first brood(see previous post for adorable pics!) AND we got 8 more baby chicks...ALL girls thank goodness....3 Buff Orpingtions, 3 Ameracaunas and 2 Jersey Giants. Their names are: for the Buffs: Ginger, Saffron and Juniper, the Ameraucanas: Opal, Gardenia and Zinnia, and the Jerseys: Matilda and Delphinia(Delphi for short). I have to say that the Ameracauna's are the absolute sweetest baby chicks we have ever gotten! They will literally fall asleep in your hand. SO CUTE!EEK! The videos were shot by my oldest son Sebastian and the song is by AudioLounge on YouTube and it's called "Live Your Life Happy".

And for everyone out there who has been waiting on new beads....stay tuned, they will be coming soon! I am working on finishing the rest of the beads that I am working on....painting and sealing and they should be up in the next few weeks. It has been a little hard to manage everything lately, so I have been having  to work on things a little at a time! I also have some new things coming to the shop too!

In other news, I just released my first shawl pattern called Wildflower and Wood and if you are interested, the pattern is available on Ravelry or here for $3.50 USD:

Wildflower and Wood is a square shaped shawl that fits perfectly over the shoulders and wraps soundly around the neck for that extra touch of comfort. The shape and color of the shawl reminded me of flower petals and that beautiful contrast at the edge of the woods, where wildflowers and wood meet in perfect harmony. Knitted in squishy Malabrigo Rios, this shawl will be perfect for those chilly inside summer days with air conditioning and will carry you through the fall into cold weather.

Annnnd here are the pictures: