Canyons at Sunset

 So after a few weeks of working on my newest pattern, delays from a yarn deficiency and being sick,  it finally culminated into me being finished with the shawl! It is a rather large, rustic crescent shawl that is made with Malabrigo Twist an Aran weight yarn(that's a thicker yarn for those of you who aren't knitters!) in the Liquid Ambar and Applewood colorways. I have come to realize I LOVE large shawls and WARM shawls and texture and color....*sigh*, I suppose that large shawls are not everyone's cup of tea but I guess I just like the fact that the large shawls are super cozy and warm, warm, warm. I can't wait to test this theory out this winter!:) The entire shawl and name were inspired by the colors of the yarn which reminded me of pictures I have seen of canyons out west, specifically at sunset and dusk when all of the beautiful colors of the desert and sunset look absolutely sublime.....I have never scene it firsthand, but I definitely hope to see it someday. I wanted to sorta combine that inspiration with the rustic inspirations of the desert, sand and the lace section reminded me of sun overall I really like the end result.:) Let me know whatcha think!:)

Here it is: Canyons at Sunset
If you are interested, you can view more photos
(I am having trouble uploading photos to blogger today *sigh*) and purchase the pattern
 on Ravelry here: Canyons at Sunset
Right now it is available for an introductory offer of $3.00 through the end of August 31, 2016 and then it will revert to it's regular price of $5.00. 


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