And Autumn Came: New Shawl Release

Howdy Everyone! It has been very busy and crazy the last few weeks...homeschooling started back and a number of other things. I have been working on this shawl pattern for the last few months...on and off...changing the yarn weight, yarn colors and back again and languishing over what I wanted to really accomplish with it. For some reason, I completely overthought this pattern instead of just going with the simplicity of what I originally conceived for the shawl in the first place. I did eventually get there and went with the original idea but BOY did I take the roundabout way this time. I LOVE fall! It is my absolute favorite FAVORITE season of any....the leaves changing, the crisp air, pumpkin soup, squash soup, ANY soup, apples, warm woolies, a cup of hot apple cider, the smell of acorn caps baking in the oven....yes, you read that right...for the bead shop last year, I went and gathered acorn caps and you have to wash them and bake them to dry them out on low heat....they smell SOOOO good when they are drying in the oven. They literally encompass the smell of fall. I highly recommend it if you love fall because even though I used the caps for beads and caps for my wool acorn beads/charms, you can always decorate with them and put them in a clear cylindrical jar! So since I love fall so very much....that is how the concept of this shawl began. It is a crescent shawl that features a stockinette background, a leaf lace stitch, a wheat lace stitch and finally bound off with a picot border. It is rather snuggly since it is knit in madelinetosh tosh chunky but could easily be knit in Malabrigo Rios or madelinetosh tosh vintage. I just recommend going down a needle size if you use those. The tosh chunky isn't a true bulky weight and feels just a bit thicker than a worsted like Malabrigo Rios but not as thick as a true Aran weight like Malabrigo Twist. If you are going to use a true bulky yarn then be aware that the yardage might be more.

September 10 
September tenth….the year starts home. 
morning broke clear today 
no fog….no rain 
only a clear cold september morning.
It’s autumn all right 
you can feel it 
with the taste of summer still in my mouth 
my lungs breathe autumn.
the year goes back from where it came 
like a battered kite being brought in 
like a watch spring unwinding 
like children to houses 
when darkness comes.
now night hovers 
and madrigals begin again. 
-Rod McKuen, And Autumn Came

The poem is by Rod McKuen. He is a poet that my mother used to quote when I was younger. I always loved his poems....he speaks with truth from his heart but there is also sadness at times. The poem comes from a book of poetry entitled, And Autumn Came.  

Without further ado, my new shawl pattern:
And Autumn Came on Ravelry! The shawl is at an introductory price of $2.50 until October 21, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST.