All Grown Up!

Howdy, everyone! Its Sebastian again! It has really been a while, and that is why I am writing today's post! To show you all what has become of our baby chicks! They are now 6 months old! Also in today's post, the chicks hatched by our Silkie, Lin. Lin's chicks are now 7 months old and SO big! And guess what? The "Ameracauna's" are not Ameracauna's!!! They're Easter Eggers!!!!! Opal, Gardenia, and Zinnia are all grown up and some of the sweetest hens we have EVER had....they will literally come over to visit and sit in your lap! The Buff Orpingtons are big, beautiful pullets now, and they are very good girls that will follow you around the yard! The Jersey Giants are ENORMOUS! Small beginnings DEFINITELY mean larger, sometimes GIANT chickens!  P.S. We are pretty sure that Opal is part Blue Wheaten Ameracauna which are SUPER rare! She has the most beautiful feathers!:) As always, here are some pics!

Opal is first! STILL FLUUUUFFFYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Here is....BIRCH?!?!?!?! Waaaaaaay too big to fit under Mama's wing.
Though, we no longer call him Birch. Now, his name is Chubster!(And for good reason!Hes twice as big and as heavy as his forerunner!) Speaking of Mama, Lin is in the left side of this picture! She's almost microscopic compared to Chubster. That should give you an idea of how BIG he REALLY is!

Here is a familiar face! Juniper! Sometimes, because of her angry facade and fluffy eyebrows, we lovingly refer to her as "Junipa Le Mean Chicken!"

Willow!!! You're DEFINITELY not a girl!
Yes, tragically, Willow was never female.
Besides that, we renamed him "YoYo" (My Mom calls him double yarn over a lot...a little knitting humor there)......It fits him a lot better!

Maple! Another one of Lin's chicks!
I personally call her Momo.

Gardenia being snuggly....still!!

Delphi isn't tiny anymore!
She's only 6 1/2 months old and she already weighs 7 pounds!
That's enormous, by the way, for a chicken under a year old!!

She may look like Whiskers here, but she's way bigger!!

Me and Secret Agent Ginger(Who also looks kind of mean!)

Here is sweet BIG Zinnia! Still being absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

YYYAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! It's Saffron!!!
Saffron was the runt of the litter, but she has grown so big that you can't even tell!

Thinking that he will protect him, Sasafrass
hides behind  YoYo. Coincidently, they're twins! Like YoYo, Frass is a

At the end of the babies, we have Matilda, Delphi's sister.
Matilda is kind of smaller than her sibling.

To conclude today's post, an oldie but goodie, Speckles!
I've gotta go, now. Today's Saturday, and I'm reveling in the fact that 
there's no homeschool today, so I have to be with my girls.

This is Sebastian Counts,
signing off for today! Until next time.....