The Ballad of Speckles

Howdy, everyone. It's Sebastian. Today's post is an informative one. It isn't about the baby chicks, for they have no news to behold. It's not about another one of Daisy's shenanigans, either. No, today's post is about Speckles. If any of you reading this post haven't read about Speckles' post yet, click here. As for today's news, we will begin on that now. Speckles was a very good chicken, as you know. She was brought to live inside the house by my Mom. Speckles was always the smaller hen, being littler than all of her other sibs. But before she was attacked, she wasn't very friendly. After the Daisy incident, Speckles became Mom's favorite chicken, and, as I saw it, they became the best friends in the whole universe. Speckles became very friendly at this time. Mom and Speckles got very close. Every time Mom would come to doctor Speckles, she would just sit down and hold as still as she possibly could. The night of the attack, I prayed to God that His will be done. "Lord", I prayed. "If it is Your will that Speckles live, then please let her live. But if it is not Your will that she live, please let Thy Will be done, Lord." God answered my prayers that night, and it changed our understanding of chickens as pets forever. It was a miracle! Speckles, in and of herself, was a bona-fide miracle. She healed very nicely, but her left hip was dislocated from the attack. Speckles lived outside for a short duration of the time after she was attacked, but when Winter came, she had to be brought back inside with our Sebright rooster, Sunny. Sunny and Speckles became really good friends. At one point, they even lived in the same crate together! But things were really about to go downhill. Not long after they became room-mates, Sunny was found to have Marek's Disease, which Sebrights such as him are susceptible to get, even if they're vaccinated. Mom noticed Speckles just wasn't herself and separated Speckles into her own bin in the bedroom so she could keep an eye on her. Speckles began to sleep in the room with Mom again. During the first time that she was sick and was sleeping in the same room with Mom, she had slept in a small box that had some blankies. The second time, Speckles and the entire Counts family decided that, since my little sister didn't use it very much, Speckles would get to have the old toddler bed to sleep on. We also brought in another bin with hay that had her food and water. She could hop down in the bin whenever she wanted! Mom would always tell Speckles good-night when she was going to bed. Sometimes, Speckles would hop up on the foot of Mom's bed until she came in there to go to sleep and then, she would hop back into her own bin! She did the same thing during her hospitalization in the bedroom! Surprisingly enough, Speckles never soiled the blankets on Mom's bed! But soon, Speckles no longer had the strength, nor energy to jump from her bin onto the toddler bed. She would wait until Mom came into the room, and then she would, very much like a dog, ask Mom to help her on the bed. She asked me to help her several times, as well. One time, a couple weeks ago, my younger brother and I were sleeping downstairs with Mom. But I woke up earlier than everybody else. I took this opportunity to go and check on Speckles. She, too, was awake. I picked her up and put her on my lap to snuggle. She sat on my lap for a few, then got the idea to jump up on Mom's bed while she was asleep! I couldn't let her wake Mom up... could I? Speckles stalked silently up the side of the bed, while I watched her to make sure she didn't hop up on anyone and wake them up. She got right up in Mom's face, coming nose-to-beak with her! Mom was still sleeping, and Speckles wanted her to WAKE UP! Finally, Mom woke up... "D'ahh!!", she yelled quietly. Speckles looked Mom in the eye and moved a little bit closer and went back to sleep. Mom told me that she couldn't believe that Speckles had gotten on the bed and walked up to visit! Soon, Speckles stopped eating much of anything. All she wanted to do was drink water. Mom said that she might have been going through renal failure. Soon, Speckles had lost so much weight that you could feel her ribs. Finally, on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017... Mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. Mmm! The alluring smell of Chocolate Muffins  hovered through the house. Me and my younger siblings, Kiriah and Cassian, went into the bedroom to watch a few cartoons while Mom was cooking. We all walked into the bedroom. "Good morning, Speckles!", I said as we turned on the TV. "Burp-bur-burp!", answered Speckles quietly. I went over to Speckles and hugged her. Little did I know that this would be my very last interaction with Speckles. We turned on the TV and began watching, aware(or lack thereof) that Speckles was watching too, like she normally did. After about five minutes, Kiri and Cassian turned to check on Speckles. They both screamed in terror and started crying. I saw what they saw, and I began weeping, too. Mom heard the commotion and came to see what was going on. I ran and met her in the hall. "Mom! Speckles is..." "Oh, no!", said Mom. We both ran into the bedroom, to see Speckles lying on the toddler bed... She had died peacefully. Her tiny body lay there, motionless. Mom picked her up gently and hugged her and we both sat down and had a good cry(that is, if a cry can even be good). Mom went outside to dig a hole for Speckles. I picked up Speckles' body and hugged her tight. Tears rolled down my face and onto her feathers. I looked out the window. Mom was done digging. I put on my shoes and carried Speckles outside. Everyone else came outside and we all picked her some flowers for her burial. We layed her down in her grave. "Goodbye, Speckles. I'm sorry we never caught any squirrels.", I said mournfully. "I'm really gonna miss you." Before we buried Speckles, I went inside to get the scissors. I brought them outside and cut one of her tattered wing feathers. I wanted to keep her feather so I wouldn't forget her. But in reality, I didn't need a feather to remember Speckles. She's unforgettable, anyway! But I'll still have that feather, hidden away in a Ziploc bag. Meanwhile, I know that Speckles is in a better place. She's with God, now. She's no longer suffering, and she's in a place where she can't ever get sick or hurt again. As I write this post, tears are coming down my face like a torrent. I miss her terribly. But Mom and I know that, one fine day, we'll see her again. Today, three days after her death, Crabapple blossoms fall softly on her grave. It reminds me of how much she used to like Crabapples... May you rest in peace, Speckles! We'll really miss you! (Here are some pics)
Me, holding Speckles and getting ready to feed her some walnut.

One of the many pics taken of me and Spek.

Mom and Speckles out on the front porch!

 Mom took this picture of Speckles on her favorite fleece blankie. Every night, Mom sleeps with Speckles' blankie.

Me and Speckles snuggling!

We'll miss you, Speckles!